GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed For PC

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released by Rockstar Games in 2004 and is an open-world action-adventure game. San Andreas, a sequel to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), is the third 3D Grand Theft Auto game. It’s the fifth console release and the eighth overall. The original release was for the PlayStation 2 in Oct 2004, but it has been rereleased for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 in June 2005. In October 2008, there was the Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360, PlayStation Store via PSN, for PlayStation 3, and for the PlayStation 3 in Dec 2012.

Gta San Andreas: Game Story

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an action-adventure video game that combines stealth and role-playing. The gameplay is similar to the other two games in this series. It combines elements from third-person shooter with driving games. This gives the player a wide-open world to explore. The player can run, walk, swim, climb and jump on foot. Weapons and close combat are also available.

You can drive cars, buses, semi boats, boats and planes as well as trains, tanks, bikes, tanks, aircrafts, trains, trucks, tanks, motorcycles and other vehicles. In addition to stealing vehicles, the player can also import them.

The game’s non-linear open world allows players to explore the area and decide how they want it to be played. The player can choose to complete story missions, which are necessary in order to unlock certain cities or content.

The player can roam freely in the cities and countryside, eat in restaurants, and cause havoc by attacking and causing damage. The unwelcome attention of authorities can lead to serious consequences. The police will only deal with minor infractions like attacking pedestrians, shooting at people, and car theft. While SWAT teams, FBI and military will respond to more wanted persons.

There are many side quests players can take part in that will enhance their character or give them additional income sources. These side missions include traditional Grand Theft Auto missions like loading taxis, setting fires, transporting the injured to the hospital and fighting crime as guards. The new additions to the game include pimping and robbery missions as well as truck and train driving missions. These missions require that the player makes deliveries on time and learn skills for driving, flying, sailing, or cycling schools.

GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed : The Best Features

Story: GTA San Andreas can be described as a storyline video game. CJ (Carl Johnson) is the central character of the entire story. CJ (Carl Johnson) is the protagonist who returns home to his mother after her death. CJ is a former Gangster. You will need to complete missions in gangster fashion with this character.

Weapons: This game will feature many guns. Guns can be purchased at the gun shop. You can use the guns to accomplish missions. The guns can also be used to kill police officers and enemies. You will surely die within seconds.

Gang Wars: The player must fight with enemy gangs when he ventures into enemy territory or kills three gang members. After three rounds of enemies, the area will be won. Gang members can then roam these streets. The more land a player has, the more money he/she will make. Sometimes, enemy gangs will attack the player’s territory and it will be necessary for them to be defeated to regain control of these areas. The opposing gang cannot attack the territory that has been designated for the protagonist’s group by either of the hostile gangs. The player can no longer attack rival gangs if they have taken over all of their territory.

Theft: In keeping with the controversy of the series, burglary has been listed as a possible money-making activity. CJ can rob a truck and sneak into homes at night to steal valuables or make passengers.

Vehicles: This game is open-world. You will need vehicles to travel. This game will feature many vehicles, including buses, bikes and helicopters.

Money: The monetary system is more flexible than in previous titles. You can spend your money on gambling, clothes, tattoos and food. Negative red numbers can be a sign that a player is in debt due to excessive gambling losses. CJ gets a call from a mysterious individual telling him his debts after a player leaves a safe place. If Karl doesn’t pay the debt, four gang members appear on the scene and threaten to shoot him.

Personalization of Character: You can change the hairstyle or clothes of your character. However, you cannot change his entire character.

Modification of Cars: Many cars can be modified or upgraded in different garages. Except for the stereo system and nitrous oxide upgrade which increase bass and give the car speed boosts when activated respectively, and the hydraulic system which reduces the vehicle’s height and allows the player control various aspects of the suspension, all modifications to vehicles are visible. Paint jobs, wheels and body kits, bumpers, bumpers and spoilers are all popular modifications.

Multiplayer mode: This game supports multiplayer. This allows you to play the game with friends or players around the globe. This game can be played simultaneously by 500 players on one server.

Requirements for PC

Minimum Requirements for GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

OS: Windows 2000, XP 7, or above

Processor: Pentium III equivalent or Athlon equivalent

VRAM: NVIDIA GeForce 3 and above

RAM: 256 MB

Storage: 3.6 GB Hard disk space free

Internet is only required for multiplayer. Single players are not eligible.

GTA San Andreas Recommended PC Requirements

OS: Windows 2000, XP 7, or above

Processor: Pentium 4 and Athlon XP

VRAM: NVIDIA GeForce 6 series and above


Storage: 4.7 GB Hard disk space free

Internet is only required for multiplayer. Single players are not eligible.

Steps to Install GTA San Andreas Highly Compressed

  • First, download and extract this game: Click Here to download.
  • Install KGB archiver.
  • After installation, extract the GTASA.kgb files.
  • Wait until the entire process is completed.
  • Once you have finished decompressing, open the GTASA folder.

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